Our Values

Our corporate values are an indispensable part of our corporate values and each aspect is our commitment to our society.

Being a creditableness and prestige symbol for all our business associates and shareholders in all countries where we conduct activity along with all our employees is our main object.

As we departed with the understanding of that our clients are our benefactor, our priority is to keep the customer satisfaction at maximum level. Within the direction of this understanding which underlies our growth, we aim to offer product and service at global quality and standards.

These are our main principles to be fair and well-intentioned towards all our shareholders with whom we are in business relationship and comply with the laws and ethical rules. We always respect to the differences and we embrace them unsubtly. We direct the manufacturing by being aware of our responsibilities towards the future generations; we behave with the consciousness of environmental protection for our society and world and we try to expand this consciousness.


Our Business Principles

Quality: As Sarar, we adopt the quality as a life philosophy. We always aim the highest quality level in every job that we carry on and at every product that we manufacture and every service that we offer. Our clients create the focal point of our quality understanding.

Being solution oriented: We try to provide solution oriented manufacturing and customer services management by letting our employees at every stage to take initiative.

Honesty:  As we have an understanding which put our pride and self-respect ahead, the honesty forms the basis of our business life.

Creditableness: We try to apply the philosophy of ‘’Our product is our signature’’ in all departments from the manufacturing to the management.

Training: We aim to enhance the personal skills of all our employees up to the highest level. We pay attention that all employees will be ready in their duties as well-equipped from the manufacturing stage to the in-store services.

Flexibility: As we have an understanding at which always prioritizes the demands and needs of our clients, we pay attention to adopt the flexible applications in all departments from the manufacturing to the management processes.

Respect for Human:  The respect for human creates the basis of our management and manufacturing understanding. Sarar which has departed the philosophy of ‘’Each client is special for us’’, adopts the understanding of respect for human at every stage from the employee to the client and applies with success.

Being Customer Oriented:  Understanding the demands of our clients completely, creating value for our clients and fulfilling their demands with quality and stability are our priority.

Responsibility:  Our aim is to allow for that every department from the manufacturing stage to the sale and management will work without stopping and with same excitement within the direction of objects and targets of institution by taking the responsibility incumbent on them and taking the initiative.

Continuous Development:  We carry our pioneer entrepreneur soul which is open to the world and change. Bringing innovations to all our fields of occupation is an indispensable part of our rooted tradition. By taking the continuous development focality to the center of manufacturing and management, we develop and maintain our activities and programs.

Creativity: The creativity is the basis of our difference, success, profitability, development and leader position in the sector.

Being competitor and teamwork:  Although we are at the leader position in the sector, we proceed on our way without never losing our competitor and competitive soul. We believe in the power of working together by exceeding the organizational and geographical borders.

Social Responsibility:  With an approach which values to the environment and nature, we make manufacturing and we try to make contribution to create a better future than today. With the awareness of social responsibility, we share the pride of our contributions that we have made to the contemporary education, sport, culture and art devoted to the communal life quality.

Legal and Ethical Work:  In every geography where we carry on business, we respect to the social, political and cultural values. We direct to our manufacturing and management to the extent that is permitted by the laws and in conformity with the occupational ethics. The honesty, transparency and open communication are our indispensable aspects.