Sarar, as a leading company in the Turkish ready-made clothing sector, started its commercial activities in Eskisehir – Turkey in 1944.

Established by Abdurrahman Sarar in a 14 square meter tailor shop, our company today is carrying out its activities in textile and ready-made clothing sector with three modern factories founded on a 120.000 square meter site within Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone, along with Sarev Home Textile and Shirt Factory founded on 180.000 square meter site at Eskisehir-Kutahya highway, and Sarar Women’s Ready-Made Clothing production department located in Bomonti, Istanbul.

Sarar, which has been competing with the world’s brands by high workmanship quality and special sewing privilege through five major production factories, employs more than 3000 in ready-made clothing sector and provides services with 58 stores abroad and more than 160 stores with Sarar concept in 75 provinces in Turkey.

Sarar has more than 160 retail stores and more than 800 sales points in Turkey with Sarar Woman, Interview Sarar, CCS, Sarar Scarf, Sarev and Sartoria Sarar brands. Our company provides services through dozens of stores abroad, mostly in Europe and the US.

Sarar has a large sales network with concept stores and sales points in Europe, USA, Russia, Egypt, Turkic Republics, Middle East and the Gulf Countries.

On January 3, 2000, Sarar Europe Company, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany was established to carry out branding, marketing and sales activities in EU-member states. Wholesale and retail operations in Europe are conducted affiliated to this company. Between 2002 and 2015, 15 retail sales stores with Sarar concept started commercial activities in Europe, out of which 7 were in Germany, 1 in Austria, 1 in Spain, 1 in Belgium, 2 in Switzerland, 2 in Czech Republic and 1 in Hungary.

For the same purposes, on September 19, 2001, Sarar USA Inc. was established in New Jersey, US in order to organise and manage operations. Between 2002 and 2015, 19 retail sales stores with Sarar concept have been put into service in various states of US and Canada.

Sarar continued dealership activities as authorized dealer and spare parts servicing station of Hyundai automobiles and light commercial vehicles between 2001 and 2016.

Sarar has been providing services in the automotive sector as authorized dealer and spare parts servicing station of Toyota automobiles and light commercial vehicles since 1997, and as authorized dealer and spare parts servicing station of Renault and Dacia automobiles and light commercial vehicles since August, 2016.

Sarar Insurance Company, which opened its doors on March 13, 1995, has been carrying out its commercial activities as an agency of the leading insurance companies in the sector.

Sarar Informatic, Communication and Operating Systems Inc. serves as a sales and technical service provider for computer equipment, phones and switchboard devices.

Sarar, in order to accelerate its prospective investments in the tourism sector, continues the construction of 5-star hotels in Beylikduzu and Duzce, Istanbul within this scope. Sarar Hotel, by the Porsuk River in Kizilcikli region of Eskisehir province, will start providing services pretty soon. On the site of The Old Bus Terminal of Eskisehir which was purchased in 2006, a shopping mall and a 5-star thermal hotel are planned as future endeavors.

Lastly, Sarar which obtained the necessary permits for 1-Megawatt portion of a 14-Megawatt solar power plant, planned to be set up on a 270-decare land at Ankara highway, started its activities by February, 2018.

Sarev, the home textile brand of Sarar, entered the sector at the end of 2005.  Sarev, which has become well known and a strong brand in Turkey and in the world since its foundation, aims to be one of the pioneer names in the home textile sector with its style, high quality and modernity.

Sarar, as one of the pioneer brands of the retail sector, plans to make new business co operations in all sectors, in which it operates, with a sustainable growth strategy through Sarar Home Textile, Marketing, Franchising, Joint Venture and Know-How licensing agreements.

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